Accessing the Instant Win Lottery Game

The scratch card game has been in the public domain for over 50 years and online for 20. There is certainly a market for what is the easiest of all casino games to play. Here in our review and guide to online scratch cards for fun, you will be led to hundreds of free games that present the scratch game in all its diverse qualities.

There are many points to make note of before commencing. Not all casinos online harbour this game and not all South African players will be able to access every form of it that exists on the Internet.


At great casinos such as this one, you are able to play the games which feature in SA casinos online only. They have compiled together the best online casinos that have scratch gaming inside and provide you with the free demos. This makes perfect sense because it would be of no use to play with a scratch game that was only available in real money terms in the UK. So, what you are given are games accessible in the region that are also playable for real money should you choose.

Playing Free Scratch Cards for Fun

Scratch games are very easy to play. In fact, you’d be able to master it just after one game. The rules to the game are simple and if you have ever used a scratch card before, you’ll be pleased to know that playing online is no different from how it used to be.

A classic game of scratch cards goes like this. When you upload a game, you have the gaming panel, this panel hides a number of symbols, each relating to a specific value. You have a bet level to change how much you wager for each game. There is a paytable to tell you what value your symbols are and then you have the play button.

First, you set the wager amount you wish to bet. The higher you bet, the greater the return will be if you win. Press the play button and the panel hiding the symbols will scratch away and reveal the game’s outcome. If three symbols match, you’ve won, and the value is indicated on the paytable.

Games last no more than 10 seconds, so within the collection of free games we have for you in the link above, you will be able to play many games in no time.

The free games linked to this guide are demo games. Demo games are products made by developers for real money sites. Essentially, you will be playing real money games without them actually paying out. They are the same, with the same features, animation, prizes, etc, so what you have is a real gambling experience that is totally free to play.

Demo gaming is there for fun only and it will help to cure you of any boredom, but there are advantages to having all these games available. Many players only use demo games to access whether or not a game is good or bad, they are used to analyse whether they are of profit, which helps to save spending once inside the online casino.


How to Play Free and Win Money

By playing on demos and knowing which games are more worthy of playing from the hundreds created, you can use this knowledge to play the best real money games when taking your gaming to the next level. Casinos offer free games for fun and they are real money machines. If you wish to play real money scratch card games, then you are able to claim several bonuses within any casino that allows you to play the very same scratch games. Knowing which titles are more profitable allows you to use your bonus more wisely.

Any of the free gaming experiences you take part in can be done from any device. You can enjoy mobile gaming and not need to download more apps or software because the games stream from the browser. Also, if you choose to play for real money, you don’t have to deposit because a number of bonuses from the top South African casinos online come with no deposit required.

Try the experience, in either case, you have nothing to lose.